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Our Expertise

We are the best at what we do!

We remain on top of our game today simply because we care about our clients.

We give consultations, we listen to them. And when we do it, we pay close attention to what the client needs and get them to talk about how the issues they go through while trying to reach out to their target audience. We don't proceed until we and our clients can identify the answers to these questions.

Book and Headphones

Audiobook Development

Getting your story to be heard by your target audience can sometimes be a challenge.

Even for people who love reading books, finding the time and the chance to read can be very challenging. Let's work together in giving them a convenient alternative to old-fashioned reading. Everyone can listen to the latest bestseller while communicating or while doing their chores.

Digital audiobooks continue to be the fastest-growing segment in publishing. Not only is the entire publishing industry making more money, but there are more options accessible to customers. Last year audiobook sales increased by 35% in the United States and generated over $2.6 billion in revenue, whereas, in 2020, it only made $1.4 billion, an increase of 25% from 2019.

Let's turn your physical book into an audiobook now and get your story listened to, LITERALLY!

Website setup on laptop

Customized and Responsive Website Development

Publishing a book is just like starting your own business and in every line of business, getting a really good website is a necessity. It is very important in establishing a solid online presence in the digital world.


Customized due to the fact that we don't use generic templates in developing your website. The details will be based on the information you provide us and your target audience.


Responsive means it is mobile device friendly. It is really important to understand that the target market of today uses mobile devices aside from their laptops and desktops. The fact is, 8 out of 10 people use smartphones to surf, buy and read. Our team as designers and developers in such a fast-paced industry are pretty lucky. We get to work on some amazing projects and we’re usually always getting to work at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. Working with responsive web design is just one of the exciting things we get to do.

Creative Work

Social Media Management

Mark Zuckerberg has done a tremendous job of bringing everyone together.


Facebook has become a place where people are given a very easy-to-use platform where they can conveniently interact with like-minded individuals.


Not only Facebook, but other social media platforms are also slowly changing how the media world works. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are solid social media platforms as well and they are slowly taking over the world of information sharing globally.

And it is imperative that you establish a good grasp of its changes and developments. To give allow you to have a good feel of what it is like to be exposed to your audience, allow us to set up social media accounts and pages for you and show you the proper way to do it. At the end of the day, our goal is for you to become independent.


Video Development

The fastest and easiest way to share a story is by showing. They say that in trying to convey a message, the first few seconds are very critical. It will dictate the success of whatever you are doing and in this case, it is getting the attention of your target audience. And in showing a video of your story, we definitely can capture their attention in as quick as 2 minutes.


And as we convert mental characters into their most definite form, Author Cabin's creatives team's artistic integrity will bring your characters to life and into a whole new level.

Our video creatives team produces excellent results and leaves unforgettable video impressions, serving both consumers and their audiences with satisfaction.

Girl on Train

Talk to us and let's devise the best roadmap for your masterpiece!

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